“It is good to be first” – theGcard Team

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We charge a monthly ‘Platform Usage’ fee of $20 plus 5% of your recurring profits.

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Sales Partner Package.

Designed for making money on the side. You earn free cards when your members upgrade. 1 for Silvers and 2 for Golds ( every month )

Perfect for a University students or Retirees and…

The advantages of the Brand Partner Package.

15 Extra Vendors

Up to $12,000 in extra bonus cards.

The real advantage is getting paid in cash instead of cards

The advantages of the Executive Package.

30 Extra Vendors

Up to $35,000 in extra bonus cards.

But the real advantage is the ability to profit from depth sales!



You will be the first to be entered into our affiliate system and given links to share before our launch. This will give you a massive advantage when it comes to getting Bonus Cards.





Biggest Bonus of them all… if you order the Executive package, the limit on Vendors will be increased from 30 to 50. The reason for this limit is to make sure our Vendors get properly supported. An early mover like yourself deserves the financial reward and we believe that you will support your extra Venues.



I will let you in on another secret… We are going to build this massive army of partners by getting you to tell others.  Then those people will tell more… So… Imagine how important you are to us and how much we will work to make sure you succeed.

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Here is our legal mumbo jumbo… this opportunity, like most things in life, is a get out of it what you put into it kinda situation. Do nothing, get nothing… Results vary because someone like you might actually put in the effort and blow this thing up 🙂 We have spent years researching and perfecting our system to give you what we believe is your best chance! Sure there will be terms and conditions for you to sign if you choose to see where this will take you.


"This is your opportunity to be involved at the start of something huge. How often does that happen?"

"Once in a lifetime?"

                                                                  - Onjira Sittiwet


"I was not expecting such a massive shift and I will never look at advertising the same again!"

                                                          - Andrew Durieux


"Advertising should not be a gamble. I saw a need and had to do something about it."

"It is time to get efficient and effective."

                                                           - Mike  Helm (CEO)


"I feel lucky to have participated in the testing of selling to vendors.  It was so easy and I can not wait to do it for real."

                                                           - Nan Ratsamee