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theGcard vision

Our goal is to partner the vendor with the customer in a way that enables redirection of marketing dollars to their customers. WIN/WIN… To achieve this all around the world, we are partnering with energetic entrepreneurs and rewarding them handsomely for their efforts. WIN WIN … WIN!


Save where you want!

  • An App to find deals
  • Global loyalty program
  • Insane daily offers
  • and so much more


Acquire/retain customers!

  • Simple marketing
  • A different way to offer deals
  • Make money while advertising
  • An App branded for you
  • Free to try


Build a lucrative home-based business

  • Easy to start
  • Instant profit
  • Recurring income
  • Support charities
  • Help your favorite shops grow!

TheGcard proudly introduces the OGOGO App. . .

Everything In Its Place

Stay In Touch With Ease

Intuitive App Design

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theGcard Vendor App

Everything you need to manage your marketing.

If we could show you a way to. . .

  • Get new customers

  • Increase loyalty

  • Have your own app

  • Increase revenue

  • Reduce advertising costs

  • Be part of a global network

for a net cost of zero. . .

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Control your deals. . .

Make the App look like yours. . .

Target Perfect Customers

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Happy Customers

Happy Customer

I was shocked by the quality of the deals. Still not sure how they are able to do it but I am happy they do!

Happy Customer

Finding deals is easy… Finding ones I want is hard!… Not anymore! It really is the best deals at the best places.

Happy Customer

I love that I don’t have to switch through different apps to find deals on everything I want.

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Impressive discounts locally and around the globe.


VIP rewards and loyalty programs that finally matter.

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