Customers Pay You DIRECT!

No waiting for payment from us!

You’re done!

They use the code to join our platform. This also associates them to you for further revenue.


We provide credits to you for free.
You give them to your leads as an
incentive to buy from you!

CODE for selling!

You provide your customer with your email address modified with something added as shown below!

We do recommend using Gmail which is available for free at www.gmail.com

This email code does two things!

1. We apply your credits to their account.

2. We pay you the equivalent of 25% of what they make in recurring revenue.

There are 3 possible codes depending on what you want to promote!

Anyone can do this! You automatically received $5,000 credits when you apply by email.

They can pick and choose the option that works for them and then go order from you!

We created most of our pages with large .png files so that you could quickly grab them and create whatever you wanted for your sales page!

If you were so inclined to host a webinar… You could play a few of our videos… or… Talk to us about having one of our people join you!

We have enough content that you could just do an email campaign! It is easy to give away $500!

If want to sell more than a few packages…

Contact us to discuss raising your available credits!


If you want to learn more first

Go back and read our offer… all the details you need should be there!

Please email your questions to… [email protected]