$100 credit for every qualified share!*

*To qualify they need to be and invite a unique person to our database. If they do the same and get $100, you get $10 more.


Each time a new person that you invite qualifies you earn a $100 credit. They can do this too and when they get 100, you get 10 more. You can qualify for up to $10,000 worth. In a few months you can use your credits to order the cards that enable our new global saving app.

With this app you will gain access to exclusive and previously impossible worldwide offers.


You could give them away but why the heck would you do that?  Each card is worth $10. Provide them to people who want deals or vendors that want customers.

We also recommend using them as a fundraiser for the most deserving group you want to help. We will show you how you can collect ongoing revenue while helping others.  Stay tuned… It is going to get very exciting.

Just the facts...

We are more than a revolutionary discount app…
Our soon to be released, crowd empowered app, provides worthwhile discounts at carefully selected locations worldwide.
We are also a new marketing solution for any business that offers something worth talking about.
We reserve the use of our system for those places that have something that sets them apart.  We enable quality vendors to provide deals they could never offer before and much more.
We are a powerful business opportunity ( not an MLM )
Our sales reps are actually our customers. We have a unique model that opens the door to a very lucrative opportunity for anyone wanting to share our story.  It all starts with forwarding this today.  Get as many free cards as you can now and later you can choose to just sell them or get more involved.

Why offer you up to $10,000 in free cards?
We are pre-launch… We know that when we share the rest of the story that so many will choose to partner with us.
We are looking for people in almost every city in the world to join us and do what we do.
Forward our message now and let’s see where this takes you.

I would say it was just a matter of time until something like this came along but that would not explain why basic marketing has not changed much in well over a century.

Onjira Sittiwet

- Thailand


We are giving $100 for every person you bring and $10 more when they invite. They do not need to buy anything… just invite.

I have never seen anything like this… The deeper I got into the details the more impressed I was.

Graham Brain

- Australia

Our app development team!

We are so excited to be involved in such an exciting project.  This is the first time that we actually asked to have some stock options.

– Vietnam Team

Changing how advertising is done!

There are so many ‘Mom & Pop’ shops that can instantly benefit from the powerful methods I have seen here.  This could easily bring back life to the city streets.  So nice to see someone is thinking about the little guys.

Steve Green

- Australia


We are a group of investors that believed in the idea enough to invest and participate.  Here is the glitch…  We are attempting to bring about this massive shift in marketing without anyone finding out exactly what it is that we are doing.  Well…  That is all about to change and you can be the first to know by simply staying on our list.  We are excited to share more every week as we rush to our launch.


As soon as possible without releasing anything less than you deserve.  The second we are finished testing the platform and adding as many features as our team will let us… Boom time.  We estimate that our PRE-LAUNCH will be in a few months. You will want to take part in our pre-launch and benefit from the rewards for being early.  Then our goal is to be WORLDWIDE the second half of 2019.