“You are about to be amongst the very few to hear about this revolution in marketing.” – theGcard Team

Start your own profitable, satisfying and prestigious turnkey business!

Introducing a…

‘business in a box’

Providing a REVOLUTION


It’s fine if someone gets rich, as long as it is not at someone else’s detriment.

I needed theGcard’s opportunity to enable you to get paid well for adding massive value.

I wanted to create an opportunity where everybody wins.

With the support of my team… We did it!

Mike Helm - CEO

  • Low cost of entry

  • Minimal time commitment

  • Immediate and insane profits

  • A business worthy of praise

  • Unique, easy, and necessary

  • Amazing Growth opportunities

  • A WIN, WIN, WIN for everyone

  • 5 secrets we will share with you!

We promised our founders early access and special pricing on our business starter packages Now you can take advantage of this promise and benefit with all that comes with being first. You will find the Early Bird offer at the bottom of this page.

I was told by a professional marketer that what I’ve written below is called a sales letter. He recommended adding videos among other things. Ok…Soon! In the meantime what I’ve put below is ok for serious people. I apologize for the verbose nature but I want to make sure you have enough information to make a qualified decision.

“This could change your life and is worth taking some time to absorb. Grab a coffee and please let me explain it in detail.” – Mike Helm

Now, I know what you’re thinking…



“What happened to just getting free cards?“




Of course that is still an option and so is getting way more…



I am hoping that you are thinking…


“How does it work, what would I do… And how much can I make?”


Great… Glad you asked !!!


We are a very unique discount and loyalty mobile application…with a twist…



… paired with a powerful platform designed to help Vendors attract the right customersthe right way, and AT THE RIGHT TIME.



Add to this a simple but powerful and lucrative business opportunity. The opportunity is introducing this new platform to businesses in your area.



Our app can be used by any quality seller, offering almost any kind of product or service… I will use the word “Vendor” when referring to these shops and businesses.




…the system works best with Vendors that have something really unique to offer. Something that sets them apart from their competitors



So, we only approach quality Vendors

Now our users can easily find quality Vendors.



Let’s call the users of the app that upgrade, our Members.



When our Members open the app on their phones, they will see all the participating Vendors (shops and businesses)…


plotted on the map, along with the deals and discounts they are offering privately to our Members.


We MADE it this easy!

All the basic discounts in the app will become unlocked once a user becomes a member at our basic level…

….which they can do with a $10 Membership scratch card. This gets them discounts at their favorite restaurants, hair salons, tourist attractions and so forth – world-wide… oh… and it’s a lifetime membership!

Each Membership card has a unique scratch code.

This code is used in the app to activate the account.

And here’s where the fantastic opportunity for you comes in…

The Membership cards are sold to our Members either by the Vendor owners themselves… 

….who of course have a vested interest in getting new and loyal customers to their stores…

…Or…  BY YOU! 


Someone needs to sign up the Vendors and sell them the cards!

this is also YOU!

How about the member experience?

Once a Member activates their account, they are provided three special swipe offers a day at a time of their choosing.

On top of these specials, there will be many other member benefits as we utilize that crowd purchasing power.

Some of these offers come from local Vendors and more from Vendors in a vacation location that the member plans on visiting.

Special offers are reserved for Members that upgrade to our Silver and Gold Membership levels.

Members will be able to upgrade their account from basic to our Silver and Gold Membership levels for only $10 or $20 per month, respectively.

Now, understand that these offers are always very sweet…

…as our system enables Vendors to push the limits on offers like never before! You simply won’t see offers this good anywhere else!


Growth Through Partnership

This revolutionary platform opens the door to massive opportunities worldwide…

 …and the value of our offer goes up as more cities and businesses decide to join the network!

In order for us to have a worldwide reach on day one, we decided to partner with thousands of people just like YOU!

You can now leverage our million-dollar platform to invite Vendors in your area… 

…and be handsomely compensated for helping them!

Is it profitable?

Well, you keep 100% of the profit when you sign up new Vendors in your area.

On top of that, you also keep 100% of the profit when selling Membership cards directly to individuals!

You can even sell advertising spots inside the app if that’s your thing, and you can keep 40% of all the revenue as well!

And let’s not forget our recurring revenue opportunity!

We split all our ongoing revenue 50/50 with our partners!…
…That is YOU! Let’s discuss that in detail later…

Ok, so, how do you start?

In a nutshell:

  • Buy a business package.

  • Promote our platform to local Vendors and businesses.

  • Profit immediately from your card sales.

  • As a big bonus, we will teach you our 5 Secret Promotion Methods.

Now, a more detailed overview…

Buy a business package. (you’ll get a chance today to buy it at a huge pre-launch discount) Optionally, you can get extra Membership cards and sales kits. Download the Sales App, along with all the training and built-in sales tools you will need to succeed. Join our free webinars for extra training if you so wish. We are with you every step of the way.

Promote our platform to local Vendors and businesses… Believe me, you will give them an offer that is almost impossible to refuse! Actually, nobody did during our tests and that is before we improved the offer tenfold.

Profit immediately from your card sales. You make $3 when selling to a Vendor and $8 when selling directly to a customer… and then enjoy the ongoing revenue coming from the upgrades! There is also a fantastic offer for your local fundraisers to sell the cards for you!

We will teach you our 5 Secret Promotion Methods. You will pass these gems along to your Vendors and show them how you can be their best marketing partner… Be the HERO!

The process is so simple that it doesn’t feel like sales!

Approach the owner of a venue that you consider has a better offer or product than their competitors. And don’t worry: We give you the exact words to say! This is the same script that gave us a 100% success rate during our test campaigns!

Remember you are walking into a Vendor that is very good at what they do…

Let’s say it’s the best burger in town and stands 8 inches high with flavor and juices oozing from…ok..now I’m hungry.

First, you ask to talk to the boss. When they ask why… you say you want to tell them about how good their burger is.

You inform the Vendor that you’ve chosen them because our system works BEST if they have a GREAT offer. You also mention that you are limited on how many Vendors you can approach.


Game set and match!

Inside this sales kit, the Vendor will see:

  • $200 worth of member cards that they sell to their customers.

  • Two Gold Personal Membership cards worth $720

  • High-quality headphones that they keep when you leave.

  • And… the priceless marketing materials to promote their business the right way!

Actually the most important part of it all (at least for you): 

3 very short videos built into the app that explains in detail the power of our platform!


You only have to ask them to put on the headphones and enjoy these 3 short videos…


Video #1

For good reason…

They are in… they hand you $100 that you pocket!


Video #2

They see massive advantages for being early!

They order extra cards… that is more money to you!


Video #3

They want free stuff!

They start calling up other Vendors and booking YOU meetings.

That’s it!

Let the videos do their job…


Our system is designed to first and foremost, help their business and they will feel like the app was created and branded just for them! They will see a million-dollar app and a platform that they can have for next to nothing and use immediately. Actually…they will see that they are getting paid to use the best marketing system they have ever seen.

In these videos, the Vendor will learn:

  • A better way to reach out to customers via our proprietary system

  • The HUGE benefits to them for selling the cards for you.

  • A proprietary viral method to get their customers to tell their friends and colleagues about their services!

  • A way to actually make money instead of wasting money advertising… 

    (…this one is the actual reason WHY we’re launching this platform to the world. – but don’t tell anyone just yet!)

The Vendor will learn that the sales kit’s suggested retail of $497 is worth well over a $1000 to them…

but they will get it for only $97 when they decide to join now during our pre-launch! This gets them listed in our app forever and offers all our members a loyalty discount at their location.

Then from month 2 on, the Vendor will pay only $50 per month to have continued access to the rest of this powerful system… Which includes:

‘Basic Discount’ – a generic discount for all our members

‘Tell Everyone’ – a branded viral tool to use with their customers

‘Sweepstakes’ – very exciting prizes for installing the app in their store

‘Silver and Gold’ – unique and laser targeted high end offers

…wait! Do these tools sound like they are worth hundreds of dollars per month and we are only charging $50???

Actually… It is crazier than that…

They’ll receive another $100 worth of cards every month that they can then sell to their customers!

In other words…

Like I mentioned earlier, they are actually being paid to use the best marketing platform the world has ever seen!

…and growing their own business by leveraging our tools and training in the process!

They’ll also see the massive benefits of getting our cards in their customers’ hands ASAP… (this is related to our Secret Method #1).

I will leak a bit about secret #1… it changes the game in a big way. You see when you ask a Vendor to give a discount to your Members they ask… How many Members?” Of course, they want to hear lots. Our model flips it as they are now hoping you say none… so they can have…well that’s the secret I will share later.

In our tests, most Vendors ended up ordering 50 to 200 extra cards on the spot, and they could order many more from you after watching these 3 videos…

…and remember: this is EXTRA MONEY IN YOUR POCKET!

To make the math easy, let’s say they decide to order only 100 extra cards…

You bought the sales-kit from us for $25 and sold it to the Vendor for $100. $75 in PROFIT!

You buy the cards from us for $2 each, and sell them to the business for $5. $300 in PROFIT!

$375 in your pocket so far…


Think about this for a moment…


How many businesses would you visit a day, if each one could earn you $375 or more?


And remember that this is a conservative example.


Many businesses will need A LOT more than 100 cards!


By the way…you should have no issue finding more businesses.


We offer the Vendor rewards for calling on your behalf to book appointments with other quality Vendors they know.


Yes, that’s right!


This is our way to help YOU get more referrals to grow your business FAST!


From there, you can RINSE & REPEAT!


Now, you should be wondering…


“All of this is GREAT but… what about that RECURRING REVENUE opportunity you mentioned before??”


I’m so glad you’re bringing that up!


That takes us into…


Our secret method #2, which involves an opportunity for Vendors to handpick the type of customer they want… 


…and create an IRRESISTIBLE offer designed especially for them!


This opens the door for businesses to make offers they could never do before!
Now, this is a particular kind of Special Offer –think of them like Super-Specials-…

…and are ONLY made available for Silver and Gold Members.


That’s a POWERFUL incentive to get our Members to upgrade to our Silver and Gold Memberships!


Our aim is to get over 80% of our free Members to upgrade to either Silver but mostly Gold.


That said, I’ll use a conservative 50% at Gold in our examples below just to show you the potential…



First, YOU collect a whopping $8 per month on every paying Gold member that signed up via one of your cards directly!


So, continuing on with the example above where the business ordered from you an extra 100 Membership cards…


…if 50% of just these Members decide to upgrade to the Gold Membership… 


That’s 50 Members times $8/mo!


That’s $400 that you’ll be receiving each and every month without having to move a finger!


This is where PASSIVE INCOME kicks in!


So, every time you’re about to go out there to sign-up a new business, think of this.


It’s not about the money that you receive upfront when selling them the seller-kit and extra cards. This is only the cherry on top.

THE REAL MONEY is what you’ll start collecting each and every month

…from the hundreds or thousands of Gold and Silver Members that each business will sign up for you!

(Yes, they will help you with that. You’ll understand WHY in a moment, keep on reading…)

And remember: we have your back!

We want you to earn A TON of money, and that’s why we take care of giving each Vendor the tools and the training they need…

… to create amazing offers, get a ton of new customers to their locations…

and provide YOU with tons of new member upgrades that will fuel your passive income!

Didn’t I tell you our system was a WIN-WIN-WIN?

Bonus Time!


Sell all your cards? Need more? Want them FREE?

We, of course, have awesome bonuses for you when you join early?

But first, let me make something really clear…

We ARE NOT a multilevel marketing company!

I needed to clarify that upfront because our plan does include…

Wait for it…!

EVERY TIME you introduce someone to join this business opportunity…

… you’ll get a MATCHING CARD BONUS.

Depending on what business package you’ve chosen, this matching bonus will earn you up to 3X your starting cards… FOR FREE!


Actually, if you join us pre-pre-launch it is a 5X opportunity!


This is a game-changer for sure!


And we also thought of how to make it easy for you to share it. We created a system that you can use to send invitations out to those you think would want to build a business of their own.


We created this additional income source to compensate you for your efforts…  helping us to share this great business opportunity helps us keep our prices low based on the money saved in marketing.


Is there another benefit to you? Yes! If you choose our Executive package.


We track cards moving through Members inside the system to compensate people for supporting others in the business. It all started when you shared this opportunity by emailing your friends on the awareness campaign. When you order a business package we will start tracking who gets in because of you!  Sweet right? It is good to be first!

This allows us to track and pay 10% of the recurring Gold and Silver payments. We track who sold the card and also who provided the card to them.

So, while we’re not an MLM company, you do have the chance to profit not only from your own efforts…

but also from the sales of those you directly introduced to the business!

This income source alone can provide you with the big retirement money you dream of!

…especially those excited enough to join us NOW, during our pre-pre launch!

And remember:

THIS IS PASSIVE INCOME that you’ll receive each and every month… EVEN WHEN SOMEONE ELSE DID THE WORK!

There is more ( Much More )

We could go on for hours on end about all the exciting things we have in store for you.

But I believe that what I shared with you so far is enough for now…

Most people will learn about us and purchase a business when we launch to the public, in a few months…

…but you know those who jump on board now will have HUGE advantages…

…and will end up making a lot more money than the people who join after we launch …

So, if you already know that this is what you have been waiting for…

… and are ready to be one of the first to join us -and reap the HUGE benefits...

I have excellent news for you!


Let me ask you a few questions first!

How much to start a business this lucrative?

How many moving parts and hidden costs?

How long to get your capital back?

How much time to get it up and going?

Would your business keep paying you ongoing?

How risky would it be? Would you even try?

Let's see how great this rare opportunity is!

Our business packages are priced so you could get your investment back in your first month. But... You are not paying full price today so it gets even better!

OK… So it is a good idea at our full price…

  • What if you could start for $1997 or even $597?
  • What if you could get that back and be profitable in your first month?
  • What if it was possible to do it in an hour a day?
  • What if it then paid you real ongoing revenue?

Would it be worth doing now?

Of course… And at what level would you want to be involved

We have 3 business packages

We share 50% of the Gold and Silver profits with our partners.

Depending on the package you can either get free cards or cash.

You can also profit from friends you introduce with package 3 below.


1. Sales Partner

You earn free cards on Silver and Gold

2. Brand Partner

You earn 40% on your upgraded members

3. Executive Partner

You earn 40% on your upgraded members

You earn 10% on your friend’s upgraded members

I am so proud to say that…

TheGcard business provides an offer to Vendors that they can’t turn down. The Vendors get huge benefits for selling the cards for you. The Vendor gets powerful tools to attract the right customers and keep them. The Members you sell to love your offering and are delighted by the rewards. You invest so little money and time for something that pays so good upfront and again in ongoing revenue.

Now you know enough to make you want to do this…

…the question is when is right for you?


Massive savings on the packages…

…and get it before everyone else!

Tracking set up to record who joins because of you!

Train early and hit the ground running.

And it Doubles the cards you earned during the awareness campaign.

Ahhh, there it is… the way to get up to $10,000 worth revealed.

Think of how big this bonus is…

It is not the money made for selling them that should get you excited.

Do the math… Your cards multiplied by up to $8 per month ongoing.



Ready to join the fun?

Our system is SO EASY

You purchase a starter package NOW

and pay a platform usage fee of $20 per month plus 5% of your commissions

(platform fee only billed after we go live)


How do you want to build it? We got you covered!

Sales Partner Package.

This was designed for someone wanting to make some money on the side.

You earn a free card for every Silver member and 2 for every Gold ( every month )

Perfect for a University students or Retirees and…

The advantages of the Brand Partner Package.

15 Extra Vendors

Up to $12,000 in extra bonus cards.

The real advantage is getting paid in cash instead of cards

The advantages of the Executive Package.

30 Extra Vendors

Up to $35,000 in extra bonus cards.

But the real advantage is the ability to profit from depth sales!



You will be the first to be entered into our affiliate system and given links to share before our launch. This will give you a massive advantage when it comes to getting Bonus Cards.





Biggest Bonus of them all… if you order the Executive package, the limit on Vendors will be increased from 30 to 50. The reason for this limit is to make sure our Vendors get properly supported. An early mover like yourself deserves the financial reward and we believe that you will support your extra Venues.


We make offers that are hard to refuse!

Vendors say yes

Customers become members

Members upgrade

And now…

You want to say YES to this EARLY BIRD OFFER!





Email us at [email protected]Gcard.com


  • Let us know who you are and where you want to build
  • Let us know which package you want
  • Include your shipping address
  • And phone number

Once we have received your email…

We will send you info on the extra benefits you will have for being early to the party!

Be first this time!

Thank you for taking the time today!

Excited to say the least,

Mike Helm – CEO and proud founder


PS: We’re currently still running a promotion where you can get up to $5000 worth of free cards… 

…and then DOUBLE THAT TO $10,000 by purchasing one of our “early bird” packages!

If you have not done so, it is not too late to max out the offer

You can participate here: www.thegcard.com

(don’t have a code? ASK ME for one!)

PPS: I mentioned in my last email 5 Secrets that are at the very core of why our system works so well.

You can use these secrets to grow your own business faster than you imagine!

We’ll reveal these secrets ONLY to those who join us.

These are the secrets that you’ll teach Vendors to make their business explode…!

(and produce more money and more monthly recurring commissions for you)


For now, I can only give you a HINT of each of the 5 secrets…

I will reveal them in their entirety to you when you join us!


  • We give up our daily marketing opportunity

  • Laser targeted and specific offers 

  • Viral through happy customers

  • Matching bonus

  • Spreading worldwide on someone else’s dime


I will let you in on another secret… We are going to build this massive army of partners by getting you to tell others.  Then those people will tell more… So… Imagine how important you are to us and how much we will work to make sure you succeed.  Get ready to finally feel what it feels like to BE FIRST THIS TIME !!!



…an incredible, never to be repeated Early Bird discount…AND the bonuses listed above…


Email us at [email protected]Gcard.com with the subject EARLY BIRD!


"This is your opportunity to be involved at the start of something huge. How often does that happen?"

"Once in a lifetime?"

                                                                  - Onjira Sittiwet


"I was not expecting such a massive shift and I will never look at advertising the same again!"

                                                          - Andrew Durieux


"Advertising should not be a gamble. I saw a need and had to do something about it."

"It is time to get efficient and effective."

                                                           - Mike  Helm (CEO)


"I feel lucky to have participated in the testing of selling to vendors.  It was so easy and I can not wait to do it for real."

                                                           - Nan Ratsamee